Sarrah Vesselov

Sarrah Vesselov

Design Leader, author, and speaker with 15+ years of experience in UX, Product Design, & Design management within the DevOps space.

I excel at spearheading, nurturing, and expanding global design teams. From propelling a modest product design team of 4 to orchestrating the growth of an 18 person team spanning product design, visual design, and UX research, I've consistently delivered impactful results.


A designer captivated by the art of simplification. I enjoy unraveling the complexities of form and function to present them in visually pleasing arrangements.

➰ Leadership

A situational leader, nurturing teams through delegation, support, coaching, and direction. I strive to craft curious and opinionated teams that function harmoniously across an organization.

➰ Operations

A manager, enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of design teams by providing them with the necessary support and infrastructure to deliver high-quality work consistently.

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